Mic Righteous Sack City Lyrics Tim Westwood Diss

Watch the video and view the lyrics for Sack City by Mic Righteous in which he proceeds to diss Tim Westwood bar for bar.

Mic Righteous Sack City Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Think your the big dog your more like the crack kitty
I’ll go back to Margate the day that you go back to Bricky (but ya can’t)
Who the hell is he is sack city
Tell 50
Tell Diddy
No more interviews with Nicki
Bruv I’m 22 your fucking 50..4 (54)
Take your finger off that midi board
Your more known for touching girls that are 15 Pause
And double pause
Your in…

Your in…
Sack City Bitch
Sack Sack City Bitch
Sack City Bitch
Sack sack City Bitch
Sack City Bitch
Sack Sack City Bitch
You was born in the 1950′s prick
Sack City Bitch
Sack Sack City Bitch
Sack City Bitch
Sack Sack City Bitch
Sack City Bitch
Sack Sack City Bitch
You just got sacked what a pity Bitch

[Verse 2]
I hate to break it to you Timothy your not black
Your just a comedy act were glad you got sacked
Do not act like you’ve never been to church
Your daddy was a preacher in fact the Bishop of Peterborough
If it was any other DJ I would be concerned
But it’s Westwood do I even need to speak a word
Fuck it I’ll do it for fun he needs to learn
Fuck it I’ll do it for fun I’ll put the people first
I feel bad cos he’s an old man in need of work
And there’s a decent human being in me that thinks does he deserve it
Of course he does he’s shit stirring
How you think he earned a living pulling people’s nerves init
Mr Burns!!
I’ll rip him to smithereens coulda left with dignity instead you took a dig at me
Talking bout funny guys
Funny coming from Timothy biggest joke of the industry
And now the shows over literally
Nobody in the UK backs you
Probably because you’ve never played a UK rap tune
You’ll get parred from every angle
We ain’t laughing with you Tim were laughing at you
What you talking bout mike won’t blow
Starting at my timeline through a microscope
I think I figured it out blood you want my promo
Your using my hype to promote your show
Are you deaf blind and dumb
How did he mention no names
He said mine ya cunt
And yes I’m fired up
It wasn’t hate it was more like why the fuck is man piping up
I admit it I was pissed started acting up
Im from the roads where it’s rowdy it’s how we react to stuff
But devs did the right thing he rang me up
And we both realised the hype was dumb
I bet them private school lessons made you smart Tim
You know the kinda questions that your asking
Your tryna start shit
Don’t ever diss my man or my mandem will cover you in casket ah shit
Mic has gone and done my attitude is fuck it
I didn’t wanna gun him it’s just some one had to do it
This prick is doing nothing now there’s no discussion
We all know who’s current motherfuckers

You ain’t American are you on crack
Your a disgrace to the UK flag
Your everything thats wrong with UK rap
You ain’t safe in the UK and you hate that
Hold on to your toupe and ya zimmerframe
I’ll give it 5 years he’ll be in a grave
In fact if your ever in a another drive by
Be a sport next time fam and try die
I’m from the underground he don’t like my kind
Well if you don’t then keep your eyes off my timeline
I’d look at yours if you had any left
But fan your so old your actually dead
Your prehistoric
You should be in a museum
Looking eastern European god forgive me if I see him
If I catch him in the AM he won’t be there in the PM
Last time ya see him will be in the boot of a BM
He’s is sack city you’ll never out live me
Got the weekend slot out of pity
Big up Sloth see you in Napa
And big up Westwood I’ll see you and slap ya
I’m sour I’m a sucker ima coward like my mother
Well your almost dead so fuck ya
This is how they gone remember your name
I don’t think you’ll make to September anyway


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